Hello there, I'm Karyn
Welcome to Goodness Me – Alternative Therapies.
It has been a privilege and a pleasure to help women just like you through their very personal journey of growth & healing through my professional counselling services and alternative therapies.  
From the outside looking in, it appeared I had the perfect life.
I had a great job as an accountant where I was respected, a very loving partner, our own home and an awesome bunch of friends but I had a huge dirty little secret.
I would wake up in the morning asking what is wrong with me I was unhappy, and my secret binge eating was sucking the life out of me, I was emotionally drained from the false face I was showing the world of this happy go lucky positive woman who had her life together.

I had already overcome my belief that I was not smart by going back to school and doing an accounting degree at the age of 30 while working full time but somehow inside I was unhappy and feeling guilty because there were so many people worse off than me. I should be grateful and happy and the more I felt guilty the more I binged and the more I thought I was a failure. 

It was a vicious cycle and an emotional rollercoaster that didn’t help that I also was an empath who took on others emotions.

Every day I would fuel my lack of self-worth with this constant head chatter and of course the shame and guilt was stripping away my joy in life.

Hi I’m Karyn De Mol. 

I specialise in helping woman feel empowered, in control and happier than they ever thought was possible. I am an expert in showing you how to truly love yourself and have the confidence to achieve your dreams while protecting your energy.

I’m a Creatrix® Transformologist®, hypnotherapist and trainer, Author, Coach, Speaker, kinesiologist and energy healer who can help you flip sabotage to success.

What I love doing, my real passion is seeing woman come through the other side of their insecurities and learning to love themselves so they can finally give themselves the respect their bodies and heart deserves.

Working with me you will not have to relive any past traumas and talk about them over and over so that you scratch the record deeper into your memory. 

Using a simple process
1. Identify,
2. Remove and
3. Replace
you will release your emotional pain and reconnect to your true self so you can break your destructive patterns and rediscover your intuition and wisdom.

If you have found me I know you are fed up just like I was - so are you ready?

If you are really ready to take control and to break free from the cycle that is costing you not only your happiness but of those whom you love, then NOW is the time to take action.
I can support you in your journey to wholeness you have waited long enough so book in a call to chat today.

Karyn xx


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