Boost Your Immune System and Calm Your Anxiety 
In This Time Of Elevated Stress And Isolation
[in just 8 minutes]
The global pandemic right now is not just COVID19, the direct impact on so many right now is elevated stress, anxiety and isolation .

You are taking care of your hygiene on the outside washing your hands, abiding by social distancing and following health guidelines, but what about your mental health and hygiene.

Let me give you my very best self-hypnosis mediation, perfect for women whose anxiety and stress is on the rise.

FREE fast acting self-hypnosis meditation.
This simple meditation will .......
in between washing your hands, of course.

Immediately Melt Your Stress Away. 

Just sit back and relax, let the power of your mind (and my years of clinical experience) melt your stress away
Feel instant relief with a method you can do at work, in the car or on the couch.

Clear Your Mind Of Fear.

Fear, anxiety, the unknown, isolation, all of it is cluttering your mind right now. 
Let me refocus you so you can effortlessly clear your mind and get back to the feeling of relaxation again.

Boost Your Immune System. 

It is not only the virus that can affects your breathing but holding onto the stress and anxiety you feel right now affects your body, especially your breath and oxygen levels. Give your body back its natural immunities right now
Hello there, I'm Karyn,
An experienced private practice counsellor, specialised in serving Australian over the age of 40. I offer a unique range of alternative therapies based on years of experience and combined with wisdom, compassion and humility.
Over the past several years I have helped thousands of women, just like you, tapping into the various methods that will work for you. Methods that will move you through the what has happened so you can LIVE fully and LOVE deeply and be HAPPY

And this can be done by stepping into your courage, confidence & clarity to make your life what you (actually) want it to be

I created this mediation because I want women like you to have the opportunity to get your anxiety under control in the next 9 minutes.

This is my gift to you, especially in a time of elevated stress and isolation.
With compassion and courage...

Karyn xx

Ph: 0412 037 952

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